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German Luzette Hanging Lamp by Peter Behrens, 1910s

German Luzette Hanging Lamp by Peter Behrens, 1910s

This classic Peter Behrens design piece from around 1910 was manufactured in Germany, likely by AEG or SSW Siemens-Schuckert-Werke GmbH. A frosted white glass shade is held in place by a bell-shaped metallic attachment and stem, encasing the bulb for the diffusion of the light.

Designer: Peter Behrens
Manufacturer/Maker: AEG
Design Period: 1890 to 1919
Country of Manufacture: Germany

Condition: Very good
Restoration and Damage Details: This lamp holds minor signs of wear.
Materials: Frosted Glass, Metal
Color: Brown, white
Height: 85 cm / 33 inch
Diameter: 24 cm / 9 inch

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