Wrought iron art deco stool with plush seat, 1930s

Wonderfull and unusual wrought iron art deco stool with new green plush upholstery on seat . The white paint on the metal frame is a later addition but was most likely done a long time ago. Very light and sculptural in appearance due to the thin wrought iron base with its lovely pattern. Light ware on the white iron leg frame.

Design Period: 1930 to 1939
Year of Production: 1930s

Condition: Very good
Restoration and Damage Details: New upholstery and underlaying wood on the seat, light ware and patina on the white metal frame.
Style: Industrial, Art Deco
Materials: Fabric, Wrought iron
Color: Black, forest green
Width: 63 cm
Depth: 33 cm
Seat Height: 36 cm
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